"A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None, but oftentimes better than a Master of One."

Headed to the Lola Retreat in NYC!

On Friday, I’m headed up to NYC to attend the weekend Lola Retreat!

I believe I came across this financial retreat on Frugalwoods last year, and somewhere along the blogosphere, I put in for a scholarship to attend the retreat next weekend in NYC. It worked out, for once, that something was in my neck of the woods; a short train ride away. Continue reading…

I’m on a 12 day Walking Streak!

About two months go, I purchased a Garmin Vivosport after a ton of research into GPS running watches and what would best fit my needs and desires. I liked it so much, I bought one for Chris too, hoping he’ll find it useful for bike rides this summer.

It’s been a great watch, with awesome battery life, and connects super quick to GPS outside when I use it. It’s a huge step up from my old Garmin Forerunner 10 that is slowly losing battery life at 5+ years old now. I am enjoying the Vivosport’s added heart rate monitoring and step counting features for regular wear, the longer battery life, and the slim profile. Plus, since it connects right to my phone it adds a bunch more useful features to my liking.

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Toilets and the Ever Important $1,000 Emergency Fund

This past week was a prime example of why everyone should have at the very least a $1,000 Emergency Fund. Our sewer line clogged up on Monday, and after two days of trying to clear it ourselves, we had to call in a professional. Roto-Rooter to the rescue!

Unfortunately, it turned out we paid $310 for a plunger job! Chris had tried to use a cleanout tool for our “cleanout” pipe to the sewer from Home Depot to no avail and called in a pro.

Then, the pro couldn’t even get his big cleanout tool down the cleanout pipe in the front either. He thought maybe our pipes were offset. That potentially meant a dig out and new pipes in the future. We thought, man, we must have a HUGE problem on our hands. Continue reading…

March 2018 Mortgage Pay-Off Update & Our Mini Retirements

We reached our first goal in March to dip under a $200,000 balance! Wahoo!!

I never got around to posting our mortgage pay-off update at the beginning of April. So, here we are, the middle of April and I’m sharing it with you. Since mid-March and reaching that first goal, we’ve been shifting more money toward filling our Emergency Fund by June vs. paying down our mortgage.

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