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A Quick Trip to D.C. To Meet My Friend Liz!

Imagine being close friends with someone you've never met. That's the story of my friend Liz and I.

We first met online through our workout blogs on an old site called Konamoxt. She was training for a triathlon and I had just completed my first (and only) half marathon. We started commenting to each other on our blogs, and then moved to emailing each other. Eventually, it turned to daily chats on google chats before it became hangouts.
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A few runs make all the difference

Just yesterday I wrote about how I’ve felt anxiety before running. I wrote that post at the end of last week, but held off on publishing it for a few days. 

Now what may seem like a complete turn around: I’ve run 4 times since I wrote that post and my reframing my runs has worked tremendously to improve my nerves before my runs. As each run has gradually gotten more difficult (and really not – compared to my old self), I have felt more excited for the challenge.
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One Month Back to Running

I’ve been running over a month now and it feels amazing. It’s like I’m whole again. I’m 12 for 12 runs and ahead by a few days!

Thought it’s not been without anxiety. I found before almost every run I’d become anxious and nervous before setting out. 

In a paralyzing way it almost derailed my return.
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June 2017 Frugal Momster Expense Report: Our Fence is Complete!

June was no exception to being an exciting month for spending. More exciting than I’d like to admit. I considered ending my monthly expense reports as I felt they were getting boring and provided little else than regular budget bills. Oh, how I was wrong looking back at this past month. If anything, pushing myself to reevaluate June opened my eyes to some weak spots in our (my) spending and where we could improve.

Summertime is the time we spend a great deal as we have more time to shop and do projects around the house. This summer especially is epic with a huge expense for our outdoor fence and landscaping.

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