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The Effect of 30 Days Without Social Media

Over thirty days now since I decided to walk away from social media entirely; mainly disabling my Instagram (IG) account and locking up my Twitter account. Those were the only spaces I engaged on social media since I deactivated Facebook (FB) over five years ago, and after I deactivated my FB business page this summer.

The Theory

I expected the first several days to be uncomfortable, as most 30 day challenges begin with discomfort while you align with the change. I was correct in feeling disconnected, anxious about loss, and unsure if I wanted to keep going. I decided it was only for 30 days, and like most things, we can go through them if we know there is an end within reach.

Now that the month-long experiment has ended I’ve noticed some changes in my behavior and how I feel about myself compared to before this change. I’ve also made a surprising decision.

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Does Cycling to the Food Store Save Money?

One of the reasons we chose where we live is the proximity to local activities within biking or walking distance.

This past summer, Chris and I ended up replacing our bikes. I bought a new bike in June when my old bike of 8 years fell apart and Chris ended up with a new bike in September due to his bike ending up beyond repair.

With two new fancy spangled bikes in our garage, we’ve had to make good use of them. And we’re happy to because they are far more comfortable and well designed with gears compared to my former beach cruiser and his department store bike. Continue reading…

Monkey and I chat after my runs through the window.
Monkey and I chat after my runs through the window.

My mind thinks I’m a runner…

…but my body has other thoughts.

I was running rather well for about 6 weeks before I came down with a cold 3 weeks ago and have since slacked off. Between leaving social media, where I felt motivated and shared a TON of my workouts, to winning that head cold lottery, I haven’t fully regained my composure to get back out there running regularly, until now.

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My favorite new blender: Vitamix

Just call me the Spendy Mom$ter!

Being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap, it means you focus your spending on areas that are most important to you and leave aside other areas that aren’t so important. For me, over time, frugality has meant focusing on quality and lasting items vs. sales and clearance.

I know from experience! I used to be cheap and all about the lowest price or the sale and clearance prices. The more I became frugal, the more I looked into my purchases, did my research and found the best item for our budget and took a closer look at the quality of the items I buy. Continue reading…