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Crazy About Crocheting! New Etsy Store!

I’ve gotten a bit crazy about crocheting lately, so I’ve decided to open up an Etsy shop to see if there is any interest in the items I make.

Mostly, I crochet to give as gifts, but oftentimes I find myself crocheting items just to learn something new and try it out. I recently came across these beautiful Messy Bun Hats from RepeatCrafterMe and I just love them! I made 3 this week while off, and I posted one online if you’re interested. Check out my new shop for new items at

My first listing!

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7 Days of Crochet: Duckling Hat

I didn’t get a chance to take an “official” photo of the duckling hat I made for my brand new nephew. I gave it to my sister-in-law at the beginning of November for her sprinkle. I had to work it up quick to get it ready in time!

It turned out a little big, but her kiddos always grow super fast. So, I hope he’ll get to wear it this winter, if not he should definitely fit into it by next fall and winter.

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