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Slow Cooking for a Slow Winter

My desire to cook has finally returned. It took me well over a year to feel that desire again to meal plan and cook (it’s been a stressful year of food changes), but alas, it has returned and thank goodness not a moment too late.

The past two weeks I have spent a good portion of time using my slow cooker to accomplish new meals and make life easier as we continue on our somewhat busy schedules both working two jobs and taking care of the kiddos. We did pick up a smaller slow cooker, but I am not pleased with how hot it gets as opposed to my 10+ year older version. Split pea soup was boiling! Agast!

So, I may use that more for chicken dishes or ones where I know the recipe process better than making something entirely new in it. If anything, I’ll cook more on low for longer (it only has a few button options) or add more water to any recipe to make sure nothing overcooks by drying out. Continue reading…

A Frugal Couple’s Top 10 Wedding Bridal Shower Registry List Items

Chris and I have been married now for 10 years! It’s been 10 glorious (and sometimes tumultuous) years together, and we’re proud to share that most of the items we received on our wedding registry have stood the test of time, even our dust buster.

Defy Convention

When we first put together our wedding registry, we were pushed towards fancy china, specific drinkware, and high-end extras that I knew had no need in our lives. After we were guided around by the saleslady, I went home and changed our entire registry to be more practical for our lives and our future together.

If the Old Ladies Need It…

I remember at my own bridal shower all of the older married ladies saying they wished they could throw themselves a shower every ten years so they could get newer items to replace worn out items. I’m here to share with you items you’ll hopefully never need to replace and will feel like the first day you used them after you were carried over the threshold (or for you stronger types, carried your partner over the threshold). For the record, Chris carried me, my upper body is weak.

I figured now would be a time when a lot of couples are getting engaged and starting to plan out their own wedding registries. We were engaged in December of 2005, which seems quite some time ago, yet not that long at the same time. Twelve years!

Here’s a roundup of the top 10 best quality long lasting items we focused on for our own wedding registry that may help you buy for a couple newly engaged or create your own frugal wedding registry. Continue reading…