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Thankful Thursday Thinking About What’s Important

Sigh, I’ve been going through a rough time mentally this past year, and this winter has been no relief despite it being warmer than previous winters. The Olympics were little distraction, as I highly prefer the Summer Olympics to the Winter Games, outside of curling and figure skating. Though, I...

Where’d My Running Shoes Go?

Oh, there they are! I stopped running regularly after my big half marathon weekend. It wasn’t exactly due to lack of desire, but as the time changed a few weeks later it started to get dark way too early for me to head out on the days Chris was home....

Friday Run Fun

It was chilly this morning and quite windy, but I made it outside for a run. Super quick and easy 30 minutes and did about 2.2 mi. I have a trail race coming up Sunday morning, so that’ll be it until then.