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5 Awesome Things About a Home Treadmill

I’m so glad I decided to get a treadmill instead of another couch, as its proven it’s worth in this excessive heat wave we are having. I have no excuse not to run and I’ve been journaling my journey over on Instagram: @kate_nesi if you’re interested in following along.

Last week, I was really really really tired. Not like my mind needed rest or eyes wanted to close, but my body didn’t have an ounce of energy in it. I did get my blood work results back and found something that maybe be a large cause of my fatigue and how I’ve been feeling, other than my energetic little ones.

I need to eat a much better diet and continue taking my supplements, possibly adding a bit more vitamin D to the mix. I’m using MyFitnessPal to track my macros and a few nutrients, as well as to keep tabs on eating less. I definitely don’t want to take the road that has been presented to me, but luckily it can be managed and changed by a healthier diet and exercise routine.

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No New Clothes: May Update

Another month has gone by, to make it over 6 months since I went on a clothes shopping ban. Let’s see what happened this month…

I didn’t purchase any new clothing, but I did receive 5 shirts as a part of registering for 5 running/triathlon races. Two were from local 5k races, one from a triathlon, and 2 tank tops from virtual 4 and 6-mile running races. Whew! I didn’t realize how much I spent this past month towards races, but they were all donations to charity for the runs, except for the triathlon (which I did not complete, bummer).

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Saved By “The Stick” — you need to get one | fitness

There’s a lot to be thankful for at this Thanksgiving time, but overall when my body just isn’t right the rest of my life is out of order as well. So, what I’m most thankful for this year is repairing my injuries using The Stick!

The Stick saved me from forever having to deal with peroneal tendinitis. It’s been a long year this year, with over six months of pain and issues, and going to doctor after doctor without getting an answer or a final fix. The more I went to doctors, the more I was discouraged. Not one of them mentioned muscle tightness or strength as a root cause of my problems.

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