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5 Awesome Things About a Home Treadmill

I’m so glad I decided to get a treadmill instead of another couch, as its proven it’s worth in this excessive heat wave we are having. I have no excuse not to run and I’ve been journaling my journey over on Instagram: @kate_nesi if you’re interested in following along.

Last week, I was really really really tired. Not like my mind needed rest or eyes wanted to close, but my body didn’t have an ounce of energy in it. I did get my blood work results back and found something that maybe be a large cause of my fatigue and how I’ve been feeling, other than my energetic little ones.

I need to eat a much better diet and continue taking my supplements, possibly adding a bit more vitamin D to the mix. I’m using MyFitnessPal to track my macros and a few nutrients, as well as to keep tabs on eating less. I definitely don’t want to take the road that has been presented to me, but luckily it can be managed and changed by a healthier diet and exercise routine.

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Frugal Date Ideas

One of the biggest expenses in our lives used to be eating out or seeking outside entertainment. We’d go to dinner and a movie and spend our entire week’s food budget on one evening, sometimes to the tune of $75 for the date. We never went to fancy places, but once children came along we didn’t have as much energy to stay up late nor additional income to toss away on one night. Once child number two entered our lives, it became even more apparent the choices we make on how to spend our income.

Some great changes we’ve made have been to take advantage of free childcare through grandparents who love to spend time with the kids, but still want to have their evenings free for their own entertainment. Chris’ parents are always willing to take the kids during the day, or morning, but they do have an evening social life they enjoy otherwise.

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Starting a Backyard Farm

Once upon a time, we used to visit a semi-local U-Pick farm… We’d go every other week and pick what felt like thousands of vegetables. We’d leave with $8 worth of picked fresh veggies and have to share it widely with family because it was far more than we could consume in two weeks. We lived in a townhouse on a reserve, so we weren’t allowed to grow edible plants outside our home. We were limited in what we could grow to what could survive indoors, which was only herbs.

And then, this year I decided to start my own backyard farm! Although, I do hope to get to the U-Pick farm for some strawberries in June.

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Starting a Compost Area

We started a compost area in our backyard from what was left from the previous owners. They must have used this space to toss in their grass clippings, but we rebuilt it to make it a compost area for our future vegetable garden.

Compost is a great option for using up those leftover fruit and vegetable cuttings you might normally toss away in the garbage can. At times, too, we’ve had to toss in whole fruits or vegetables that have gone bad before we have gotten to them. We don’t end up in that situation as much now, as I’ve gotten into the habit of freezing anything that may start to turn for the worse (or putting it in a pot (potatoes/onions) to grow!).

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Try It On for Size

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On Monday, I shared our super scary hairy audacious goal to pay off our mortgage in the next 5 years. It is a terrifying prospect, but the idea of having that much more income ours to hold on to in possibly 4 years sounds heavenly. In that post, I wrote:

Instead of just committing to the goal, we’re going to spend the next two months living uber frugally. We’re going to get back to truly sticking within our food budget, and attempting to live on our lowest salary…

Instead of just stating, yes, we’re going to go forth and live miserly on pennies a day, we’ve decided it would be best to “try it on for size” first before we actually commit to the long-term plan. This gives us the ability to save additional income we had not planned to save this spring, and see if we truly can make it work and still function decently in the process.

One of the best ways to see if something will work for you is to try it out for a shorter time period. Instead of focusing on the 5 year plan, we’re focusing on the next two and a half months. If that works and we get used to it, then it’ll be easier to tackle each month going forward.

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