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Making Homemade Baby Food

One of my favorite things to do for my little baby guy, Crab, is to make homemade baby food. We do use premade jars of food on occasion for a quick weekend meal when we have company or when we’ve gone to someone’s house and the food we are bringing would be sitting out for quite some time. Otherwise, my freezer is currently stocked with delicious bites and it took one Sunday afternoon to make enough food for probably 1-2 months of meals.

I like to cook on Sunday afternoons, making a huge mess of the kitchen all at once. It just seems easier to use all the tools and then clean up vs. daily mess for little meals. The particular weekend I made baby food, I also threw together this homemade ice cream. You can see the egg yolks and pot for it in the background.

I start out with a bunch of vegetables and some fruits. I prep all of the items first (unless it’s apples, I’ll peel them before cooking) by peeling or chopping. This time around everything I made I used a steaming basket and rinsed everything in-between each item (it was for his first foods, in the future I won’t need to rinse between as much).

And I put all the remnants into a bowl for our new compost area outside.

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$25 per person Weekly Food Budget

A lot has been in the news lately about the budget for those on benefits from the government. I don’t plan to comment on all of that (here’s a great piece on it), but I thought it would be fun to share how we use our budget for food and write about things like I used to.

I’m always surprised to find out that our family food budget is below the “Thrifty Plan” under the USDA food cost guidelines. We spend about $75 or less per week, currently shooting for $50 a week to stockpile a few extra bucks, on food and household goods. This isn’t to say that we are able to always stick to that budget, sometimes we go over to around $80 per week, but I strive to see that number or below weekly when we hit the grocery store(s).

I budget about $25 per week per member of the household, planning to add another $25 per week when Baby #2 arrives (which might be tight with formula year one). I don’t have to budget for diapers, since we use cloth diapers which is a huge savings in our budget; especially this go around. And most people might not use their food budget for items other than edible goods, but I try to throw as much in that category as we can.

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