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I may be going Gluten Free. Forgive me.

Gluten was the biggest test of the 8Safe program that I was looking forward to. It was the culmination of the entire program and would either keep the door open to a bunch of delectable goodness or close it over for a while (or permanently). I had high hopes that I would be one of the few to suffer no ill effects; just as I had thought would be the case with eggs. Boy, was I wrong.

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There’s Something Fishy with Fish

Another quick update on my testing day with fish on Monday. I had some tuna earlier in the day, and a piece of salmon in the afternoon. I didn’t finish the day with a 3rd serving for full results, but I wasn’t in the mood to eat any more fish.

Within 24-48 hours I had quite a bit of nausea and my eczema flared up again. Good thing I don’t care to consume fish often. This just made me less likely to keep trying to incorporate it into my diet. Continue reading…

Thinking Twice About Tree Nuts

A quick update on my elimination diet: I tested tree nuts last week and found to have a small reaction.

My skin flared a bit about 24 hours later. I didn’t have the full required amounts (I just wasn’t in the mood to eat more than 2 servings). I had a few cashews and mostly pistachios.

I’ll probably test each out individually at a later date, but for right now I’m happy that I can enjoy peanuts again in a few weeks and I’m not as bummed about tree nuts.

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Peanuts… peanut butter. Jelly… jelly.

The ol’ Valentine’s Day was peanut day! That was great, because I love a good chocolate with peanut butter. Too bad, I didn’t get one. Chris and I don’t normally swap Valentine’s Day gifts, if anything we pick-up clearance candy after to share.

I was happy to test a food that I believed would cause no reaction. And, for once, I was correct! I had absolutely no reaction to a myriad of peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut protein powder in my evening banana cream shake. Continue reading…

The Sinus of Soy

When I woke up on Sunday, I felt a cold coming on strong. I took some cold medicine, which normally kicks out the cold symptoms pronto. Instead, despite a dose of meds to halt any further issues, I ended up with a runny, stuffy, and wildly sneezey nose.
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