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Are You Motivated by Sharing Your Goals?

In the past few years, I’ve noticed a correlation between sharing my running goals and, well, falling short of them.

Last year, I did a personal experiment. I did not share too much of my training nor the races I signed up for here or on social media, and voila, I completed both of the races. This was despite having thrown my back out a few weeks prior, falling short in training, and being completely nervous going into the race weekend. Boom! Continue reading…

OMG! I Splurged for a Melting #NerdyNummies Chocolate Machine

Over the weekend, I found Rosanna Pansino’s baking items at Target! The nearest store to carry her items when they first came out was about 20 minutes away, so Monkey and I went once and bought a gummy kit but we don’t shop at that store often. To my surprise, in Target’s Valentine’s Day section I stumbled upon some of her fun baking line items and finally decided to splurge on the $30 Wilton Nerdy Nummies Chocolate Melting Pot. Continue reading…

Giving Up Extra Money for More Time

I was going to title this post, “That Time I Gave Up $600,” but that didn’t seem to tell the whole story.

This school year, we have started focusing on paying down our mortgage. With that, we have been using incomes from our second jobs to pay down that mortgage with a little additional kick here or there from our main income sources.

Taking our goals into consideration, I opted to work additional hours at my second job in order to make a little more money this year than in years past to toss at the mortgage. Previously, I worked every other week or every few weeks for 3 hours at a local college as an adjunct, which adds about a 1-hour commute roundtrip for 4 hours of time. This year, I increased that to every week in the fall doubling the amount of time spent there. Continue reading…