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DIY How to Do Your Own Oil Change

Last spring, I purchased a newer vehicle to our family, the Toyota RAV4. With our previous new car purchases, we received free oil changes for the ownership of the car. Since this was a used purchase, this wasn’t an offer and I was happy about that.

Every time we’d take our cars to the dealer for an oil change it meant over an hour of waiting and constant pushes for additional services we either didn’t need or could do ourselves. Usually, if I couldn’t get Chris to take it for me, I’d say, “Oh, thanks for the reminder, I’ll head over to parts and pick up what I need.” Much to the gentleman’s shrug at a woman going to buy parts and maintaining her car herself. Most of the maintenance on any vehicle is easy to do yourself and costs far less in time and money. Continue reading…

Enjoy Nature for Free: Week 1 of Marathon Training

One of the best things I’ve enjoyed about running is that it’s a relatively low-cost activity. You need only a decent pair of sneakers (and maybe not even those). I find a lot of new runners just start out with what they already own which is perfect.

When I first started running back in 2002, I ran in a low-cost pair of sneakers, cotton t-shirts and soccer shorts I had owned. Now, I realize the use of well-designed shoes (or lack thereof during my absolutely barefoot running years) and polyester clothing that makes a world of difference.

Over time one might want to invest $100+ into a good pair of shoes, or a little more into fitted or moisture wicking workout gear, but how much you spend is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way in the sport of running. No additional gear needed. Continue reading…

October 2016 Frugal Momster Expense Report

October was a pretty normal month for us. We are back in our frugal budget groove.

I’m super excited to learn how to change my own oil tomorrow on my newer car, too. Apparently, when you get it changed they give you the lowest grade oil, so now I’ll have the highest to keep Lucy Blue running.

My brother is going to guide me, but I’ve already watched a ton of videos as well. I need to pick-up a specific tool $10 and a drip pan $10 for the next time.

We didn’t buy any new Halloween costumes, but we used what we had from last year. Chris designed Monkey’s Robot costume from things we had around the garage. It turned out to be awesome and it even lit up! Ruby wore a costume I bought on clearance last year: a little shrimp. The Crab just wore a hand-me-down Halloween shirt from his big brother.

Monkey wasn’t into trick-or-treating too much, so our Halloween candy stash has already been demolished! Continue reading…

No New Clothes: September Edition

It’s been 10 months since I started the Year of No New Clothes inspired by Mrs. Frugalwoods. Let’s see how far I’ve come…

I didn’t purchase any new clothing items for myself, nor the family, but there’s a little more to the month’s story than that.

While we were in the city for our anniversary, I was rather nervous the theater was going to be chilly. Chris told me ahead of time not to bring a sweater, but I was antsy as I dislike being cold for any amount of time. The thought of 2 hours in a cold theater frightened me. So, I decided on the way up to the theater (we walked 20ish blocks, it was free!) to stop at H&M to buy a low-cost sweater for $14.99. Continue reading…

September 2016 Frugal Momster Expense Report

Each month I’d like to share our expense report to keep us on track to reach our financial goals. This summer we spent quite a bit more than I had planned and I’d like to focus back in on savings toward early retirement/financial independence (FI).

I’ve posted before about paying off our mortgage in the process of reaching our FI goal. I’ve gone back and forth with how that may specifically happen, so, for now, our choice has been to save up the additional funds to pay off the mortgage and decide in a few years when we reach that goal how we want to handle it. In the meantime, I am paying a little extra monthly to the mortgage because I like even numbers.

While we work off of a general zero-based budget, it’s more of a guide and we just simply track our expenses and save about 48% of our income. My goal is to get up to saving around 60% of our income.

Continue reading…