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You’re Still Talking About Being Debt-Free by 40?

It’s quite possible that I spend far too much time focusing on debt-freedom and planning out the next few years financially then I should. Or, it’s quite possible that my forecasting and planning has helped us reach this debt-freedom-minus-the-mortgage in a shorter time than I would have had I ignored it over six years ago and kept shopping at Target on Friday nights as usual. Continue reading…

Sign Up Here for Credit Card Assurance?

Why would someone pay for credit card payment assurance to the tune of $1.99 per month?

I recently opened a credit card to take advantage of some rewards in the next few months, which I plan to close shortly after that. When activating the card, you were required to call their toll free number to “potentially” receive a $20 gift card. There was no way to activate the card online. Otherwise, I would’ve gone that route. Continue reading…

May 2017 Frugal Momster Expense Report: I bought a boat!

May was a month for writing checks, especially when it came to leisurely activities or having some outdoor work done around our house. We won’t recap the work that’ll be happening outdoors in June until after it’s complete. So, our expense report won’t reflect those expenditures until they actually cash those checks (or even request them).

I bought a boat!

Continue reading…