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A New Topic Around Here + Frugal vs. Cheap

Welcome to a new topic here on the Kate Nesi blog 🙂 I am passionate about finances, which possibly comes from having a dad as a banker or a mom who does accounting, but regardless, I love numbers! I’d like to share some tips and changes we’ve made in our lifestyle that have completely rearranged our lives and our outlook. Life’s never perfect, but we enjoy it a lot more now.

Last year, I was so passionate I even started an anonymous blog: Debt Free by Forty, on Tumblr, sharing the exact pennies of our days. It became popular pretty quick, with a lot of write-in questions, but I found running two blogs to be burdensome and it fell victim to the deletion key during my downtime. I’ve wanted to write about frugality here, but you know, money is a touchy subject people. So, I’ve sat on this topic for some time… trying to figure out how, when, and why to broach the subject.

I hope you find something useful from our journey… and always feel free to send me questions 🙂

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Cloth Diapers: Our Process & Washing Routine

In this post, I linked to every product we use. We bought them mostly on Amazon. 
*Our diaper stash is 30 bumGenius 4.0 Cloth Diapers.

Everyone’s diaper process is a slightly different. I couldn’t find much online about what people do step-by-step at the start, but in talking with helpful friends I came up with a great process that works for our family.

Here’s the breakdown of the basic steps we use for cloth diapers… not too different than disposables:

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