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What is Enough?

When do you have enough? When is it enough money in the bank? Enough achievements under your belt? Enough to feel secure? What is enough to you may not be enough for someone else or way more than enough depending on who you converse with. Finding the right amount of...

DIY: Changing Your Own Car Oil – LLP005

Doing your own car maintenance isn’t as hard as it seems. On this episode, I’ll share what I’ve learned about when making the decision to change your own car’s oil, as well as other do it yourself car maintenance. Links from the Episode: DIY: Doing Your Own Oil Change (My...

Growth on the Farm

Monkey and I have been excited in the past few weeks to find lots of great growth on our Suburban farm experiment. We’ve enjoyed a few eggplant, several tomatoes, green and banana peppers, hundreds of jalapeño peppers, and much more.