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Staying Positive Admist Challenges

Hmm… It’s been a rough week… month… year?

I’ve been toying with the idea of posting daily again, as it’s been difficult to create quality content on a regular basis and I’ve felt pretty choked up when it comes to writing. With over 10-15 draft posts sitting, waiting to be shared I feel nervous every time I click “publish.” I remember the days fondly when I posted on a daily basis and just let whatever happened… happen. It was interesting, and I felt more connected with you. I could just be “me” without any other super high hopes.

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DIY Opening a Wall doesn’t have to be costly

I mentioned the other day that we opened the wall to our kitchen. It’s been a decision I am so very pleased with, but Chris was adamant against for two years before I convinced him to do it. After trying to hang shelves on that side wall for the second time unsuccessfully, I said either open it up, or I’ll do it myself. I’m a tough project manager to deal with. And this project cost $0 and just time.

We didn’t want to have to rerun electricity and the thermostat on the opposite side of the wall, plus a vent, so that’s why we made a window vs. opening it completely. Continue reading…

No New Clothes for a Year: COMPLETE!

On this, the biggest shopping day of the year, I thought I’d update you on my “No New Clothes Buying” experience. The year is complete, as I stopped buying clothing for myself primarily over a year ago this season.

I’ve made it through an entire year not buying any new clothes!

Check out the February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September recaps.

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DIY Tiling Your Kitchen Backsplash


A pained smile, as I did this with an upper respiratory infection.

I finally did it! After a year with our renovated kitchen complete, I finally made tiling the backsplash to our kitchen a priority. I’m trying not to say here, “I didn’t have the time,” because when you make time, you have the time.

Over a year ago, we picked out a tile sample we both liked. I held onto that sample until last week when I had hoped to return to the home improvement store to find enough sheets that I needed to fill the kitchen. I was in luck and found just over 25 sheets that I needed to purchase.

Since I had tiled the backsplash to the bathroom sink as a learning experience, I already had the self-adhesive, grout, float, nippers, sponge, and several other mini tools needed for the job. I purchased the sheets of tile for $275 and set out on my adventure.

This project took two days to complete. The first day: laying out all of the tiles, cutting them to fit with a nipper (I avoided renting a wet saw) and letting it dry. The second day: a quick work of the grout, sponging, and fitting all of the outlets back in with extenders beyond the tile.

I can completely understand now why some people chose to have others do the labor on a variety of tasks. This was the first home improvement project I took on completely myself. Chris kept the Monkey and Crab busy both days and helped me nip a few tiles I couldn’t quite squeeze hard enough. On top of it, I was suffering from what ended up being an upper respiratory infection and double eye infection, go me. To be honest, I probably couldn’t stomach the cost of having someone else do it though.

In the future, I’ll just be the project manager and have Chris do all the labor! I kid. I kid. I want to learn woodworking next.

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