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The Incredible Inedible Egg

It was a bright and cheery morning, the kids were playing happily while Chris made the usual Sunday morning pancakes. As I came downstairs, I felt a little uneasy, unsure if I wanted to test any allergen foods since I had finally been feeling so good.

It was egg day.

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What I’ve Been Eating on the 8Safe Elimination Diet

It’s been 3 weeks into the 8Safe Elimination Diet and it has not been easy.

I don’t believe in strict dieting, and this reminds me why I ascribe to “everything in moderation” as my motto. An elimination diet is no small feat, it’s harder than any diet I’ve ever heard about… I believe in small changes, not swift changes if you’re trying to get healthier or lose weight. I went into this diet knowing it was a true diet, not to lose weight, but a short term approach to get some answers. Boy, answers I am finding… Continue reading…

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Growing Your Passion While Eliminating Debt: A Story

A few weeks ago, I met a new friend we’ll call G. We worked together for a short time, and one day when we talked, she told me her hopes for her life going forward. While our time working together was ending soon after that chat, she was on the fence as to how to leap next to reach her goals. How was she going to build her passionate acting career while being saddled with debt and needing a day job to make ends meet? She was thinking about meeting with a debt consolidator.

Upon hearing this, I offered to meet-up with her anytime she’d like for a coffee and to save her money instead of paying someone else to figure it out. I thought I could help her organize her finances and make a plan for debt-freedom while growing her presence in acting at the same time. Continue reading…

Eight Days into the 8Safe Elimination Diet

It’s been over an entire week now since I’ve started the 8Safe Elimination Diet. Eight days in and I’m feeling somewhat better.

I had attempted it last spring but gave up after 1-2 weeks in due to personal distress and a death. An elimination diet that eliminates the top 8 food allergens is no joke and without a clear mind, I couldn’t keep going.

Why an Elimination Diet?

I have now taken this on again to find answers to my eczema that has flared up wildly again this winter. Usually, it is well hidden under my clothing on my arms, but this season it has proven to manifest itself right where the sun shines daily: my face.

You’ve not done anything difficult until you cannot eat a thing with eggs, dairy, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, or gluten.

Even the worker at Wegmans, my new favorite every-allergen-is-labeled place to shop, said “elimination diets are so tough but so worth the information you learn, good luck!” as he put back the vegan cashew cheese he was recommending.

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