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Weekend DIY: Modernizing our Dining Room with Chair Rails

Just a quick note about the Kombucha scoby I ordered online: After a few short days and following all of the instructions (it didn’t look like it was doing well) it grew mold. Yep, the entire batch in the trash. Luckily, my colleague’s husband has a scoby to give me in the next few days and I feel more confident his will be a healthy scoby than the one online. I removed the links to the one I bought, just so no one else ends up with the same sad story!

Since we’ve moved in three and a half years ago, many projects have jumped ahead of this one. We have wanted to update our dining room for some time now, but really it wasn’t a “need” it was more of a want. So, we wrote down all the measurements last summer, came up with a plan, and then put it away after deciding not to spend the $500 to remake the area. Continue reading…