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A week without social media.

This is the first time since I joined social media that I’ve gone completely without any such service for any length of time. It’s only been a week, but already I’ve noticed some changes in my habits and behaviors; some positive and some negative.

The first few days after leaving IG and Twitter, I don’t have FB anymore, I noticed I picked up my iPod on a regular basis checking for notifications hoping to find something there. I was deflated to be reminded that there would be no alerts or messages. It was definitely sad at first, but I chose to keep going on with the challenge. I can to anything for a month.

After a week now, I don’t feel as compelled to return to the worlds of social media; reminding myself of how many people I know who never have joined or interacted there and they are getting on quite nicely. Continue reading…

How We Kept Our Utility Bills the Same Moving to a Larger House

A friend, I will call G, recently moved to a larger home, just as we did about two years ago. G mentioned to me she was concerned about all of the increases on her utility bills that they hadn’t planned for in the excitement of planning and moving to a larger home.

I shared with her our experience of how we were able to keep our utility bills around the same cost or lower than we had before in our townhouse (which was a few rooms smaller and had the benefit of keeping the temperature more steady based on being sandwiched between other units).

Continue reading…

Removing Something for 30 Days

Thirty-day trials are a simple idea to tackle. You choose something for 30 days, whether it’s adding something or subtracting something from your life and at the end of 30 days you can keep going, or give up.

I’ve done them at various times in my life with much success, and much failure. This past year, I’ve focused a little more in on the short-term trials in order to change habits and go in the direction of the person I’d like to become.

Most often 30-day trials suggest adding to your life. Doing yoga daily for 5 minutes for a month, or running each day, or eating healthier. Most of the 30-day trials you come across are there to improve a habit, add something in that’s healthier, and try to motivate you to keep going for your own mental or physical well-being beyond that month. Continue reading…

What I’ll Complain About in Five Months

I can’t believe another summer season is coming to a close. I feel like the pumpkin spice flavors creep up sooner each year. We’ve made sure to take advantage of the fresh air, knowing soon enough we’ll need light jackets and sweaters.

Or if you’re a baby, you need your first pair of shoes because it’s socially unacceptable to be without shoes in all seasons except for summer. Continue reading…