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How We are Creating Financial Freedom as Educators on Keep Thrifty

I’ve been MIA this week because I’ve been busy learning a ton about making homemade chocolate, and also learning all I can about fermenting my own kombucha at home. Plus, I’ve been keeping consistent with my running training after having a really amazing podcast interview last week with an inspiring runner; which will air in March.

While I’m busy wrapping my head around what I’m learning and putting that into words, check out Our Financial Freedom Story on Keep Thrifty! Chris and I have been hard at work changing our financial lives and this is a great recap of the past 8 years of our journey. Continue reading…

Giving Up Extra Money for More Time

I was going to title this post, “That Time I Gave Up $600,” but that didn’t seem to tell the whole story.

This school year, we have started focusing on paying down our mortgage. With that, we have been using incomes from our second jobs to pay down that mortgage with a little additional kick here or there from our main income sources.

Taking our goals into consideration, I opted to work additional hours at my second job in order to make a little more money this year than in years past to toss at the mortgage. Previously, I worked every other week or every few weeks for 3 hours at a local college as an adjunct, which adds about a 1-hour commute roundtrip for 4 hours of time. This year, I increased that to every week in the fall doubling the amount of time spent there. Continue reading…

Brightening Up a Cold Day

I’m going to brag a moment on this cold winter day. Chris is so great to surprise me at times. In the past, every few years I’d get a random delivery at work. This year, he did not disappoint with sending my favorite flowers on a blustery cold day. He knows I don’t like wasting money on such things, but he always tells me he got a good sale. Continue reading…

Slow Cooking for a Slow Winter

My desire to cook has finally returned. It took me well over a year to feel that desire again to meal plan and cook (it’s been a stressful year of food changes), but alas, it has returned and thank goodness not a moment too late.

The past two weeks I have spent a good portion of time using my slow cooker to accomplish new meals and make life easier as we continue on our somewhat busy schedules both working two jobs and taking care of the kiddos. We did pick up a smaller slow cooker, but I am not pleased with how hot it gets as opposed to my 10+ year older version. Split pea soup was boiling! Agast!

So, I may use that more for chicken dishes or ones where I know the recipe process better than making something entirely new in it. If anything, I’ll cook more on low for longer (it only has a few button options) or add more water to any recipe to make sure nothing overcooks by drying out. Continue reading…