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On Writing

It’s been difficult to keep up with two blogs that are similar in nature. Six months ago, I began the “Frugal Momster” with a more focused approach to writing about personal finance and frugal living. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but found that I had little to say on this personal blog, as most of it related to the FM! Oftentimes, I went back and forth as to where to post, and ended up not writing much at all in either space; which was never my intended goal!

I’ve also always wanted a blog site at my top domain,, but have always used that domain for my photography business and website, hence using for the longest time as my blog. As that focus changes, more to come in the late fall on that, I wanted to create a space to write, share videos, podcast interviews, and my passions in a variety of areas. It made sense, with far less work for me going forward (after the initial setup), to combine all sites into one space; what you are reading this on now!

My photography website is still available to previous clients at

If you’re reading this via the RSS feed to my old blog, no worries, you’ll still get this new feed without an issue, as I updated the blog’s feed. If you want to subscribe via RSS, just go here.

I also will be combining my two newsletters into one space, feel free to subscribe below:

Currently, my newsletter just sends out these posts via email when they come out, every morning. In the future, it will be setup to notify you of new posts once per week, as I write more and don’t want to overflow your inbox. Also, I hope to add more to the weekly newsletters that won’t be available on the blog.
I look forward to sharing more with you on our adventures in frugal living!

No New Clothes: July Edition

It’s now been 9 months since I started the challenge to stop buying new clothes for a year.

I’ve only purchased a pair of sandals last month, in June, and that’s it! While I have realized I may need to replace some undergarments, I’m okay with waiting to look at any clothes until a later date and most likely will look to thrift stores.

It’s not been easy every day for every occasion, as I am losing the weight I gained from baby. While for most that’s not an issue, I balloon up 50+ lbs with each child and then work my way back down in a year or so after.

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I sold our couch and bought a treadmill.

Since we moved into our new home two years ago, I’ve been unhappy with our couch. I loved the couch, it was comfy, and nice to cuddle together as a family, but it cut the living room in half and didn’t really fit the space. No one ever sat in that corner seat, either. It felt unfinished, a little haphazard, and behind it became a row of junk collection off and on since we moved.

Last summer, I opted to re-stuff the couch hoping that might make me happier with it’s appearance. While it did cause me to keep it another year, I was just done this summer with such a large piece of furniture without flexibility for moving anywhere else in the house. Continue reading…

KonMari Method: Tidying Clothes

life-changing-magic-of-tidying-up-1Over a month ago I mentioned I started reading the KonMari Method for tidying your home. I managed to fit in the first section of the book while we’re working on office renovations. According to Kondo’s method, the first space you begin to tidy is your closet.

When we started our frugal journey and downsized many of our possessions over six years ago, I had removed all storage boxes of clothing and kept every item I owned in a drawer or in my closet within sight. Since our move two years ago, and being pregnant, I went back to storing clothing in bins in various sizes for postpartum.

While I have yet to reach my goal weight/size of pre-partum days past, I liked her focus on items bringing you “joy” and realized that I didn’t need to keep smaller sized clothing that definitely didn’t spark joy in my life.

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5 Awesome Things About a Home Treadmill

I’m so glad I decided to get a treadmill instead of another couch, as its proven it’s worth in this excessive heat wave we are having. I have no excuse not to run and I’ve been journaling my journey over on Instagram: @kate_nesi if you’re interested in following along.

Last week, I was really really really tired. Not like my mind needed rest or eyes wanted to close, but my body didn’t have an ounce of energy in it. I did get my blood work results back and found something that maybe be a large cause of my fatigue and how I’ve been feeling, other than my energetic little ones.

I need to eat a much better diet and continue taking my supplements, possibly adding a bit more vitamin D to the mix. I’m using MyFitnessPal to track my macros and a few nutrients, as well as to keep tabs on eating less. I definitely don’t want to take the road that has been presented to me, but luckily it can be managed and changed by a healthier diet and exercise routine.

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