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No New Clothes for A Year

I wrote about my reasons not to buy new clothes for a year, on my personal blog, after reading an impressive challenge via Mrs. FrugalWoods. She continued her journey through pregnancy and postpartum, which I find to be very challenging in the clothes sizes I’ve experienced up and down the past five years.

I thought I’d take a moment to update you in the process and what I’ve saved thus far, as well as my hopes going forward. I started this challenge for myself the weekend of Thanksgiving 2015. I chose to avoid buying and actually shopping on Black Friday, a day which I usually do a lot of shopping for holiday gifts and for myself!

I did not buy any new clothing for the month of December, January, or February. I received as a Christmas gift a pair of suede boots and pajamas, and I was given a nice sweater as well. Those are the only new items I’ve acquired in that time, and it’s been quite nice not slumming around the stores looking in the ladies departments the past few months.

I’d like to update you monthly here about this challenge and keep track of how it’s going.

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Homemade Laundry Detergent

It’s super easy to make your own laundry detergent. You might think this takes a lot of time, but it takes about 5 minutes and lasts about 6 months or more. The last time we made laundry detergent was before the Crab arrived, over 6 months ago, and we still had a decent amount left. This past week, I made a bit more to last another half year.

The recipe is pretty simple, you can make it complex with essential oils if you choose to, but we’re pretty easy going with our laundry scents.

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Frugal Momster Beginnings

I’m Kate Nesi, and I’m the Frugal Mom$ter!

I wasn’t always frugal, and I wasn’t always a Mom(ster). About 10 years ago, back in 2006, I was in a financial mess of thousands (and adding semesterly) in graduate student loans, a brand new mortgage with only 5% down + lots of PMI with my soon-t0-be husband, and no savings to be found. We were struggling week by week to make ends meet, we didn’t have a gauge on how to save money together, and we spent our Friday nights perusing the aisles of Target to shop shop shop after going out to eat meals we could’ve cooked at home.


We were planning our wedding, fixing up our new home, and trying to stay on top of monthly payments, debts, and adding to the pile in the process. While I never had consumer debt (I learned from others how horrible it can be early on in my young life), my soon-to-be husband at the time was drowning in a bit of it. It wasn’t pretty, but looking back after hitting our financial bottom, we’ve grown into a power frugal couple and have learned a ton of things about personal finance and added to our skillsets on top of it. If I had never come across a site about getting rich slowly, I probably would be far worse off today.

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