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October 2017 Mortgage Pay-Off Update

Another month has gone by already, and we’ve been able to shovel a bit of money to the mortgage once again. This time around, we were able to put a little more toward it since our second sources of income started to be deposited into our account. We haven’t been using our main incomes to put toward the mortgage, as we’re still building our emergency fund.

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The Frugal Mom$ter Mortgage Pay Off: It Begins

Chris and I have discussed at length, more so I than him, about how nice it would be to get rid of the mortgage. I’ve written about my desire to pay off our mortgageseveral times, going back and forth on our goals, how we might achieve it, and what other things may stand in the way.

More recently, I believe I came up with a balanced approach to using our side (i.e. second job) incomes to pay down the mortgage (or pay it off hopefully soon!) and keep our main incomes for saving for emergencies, retirement, and other travel goals. This makes me feel a little more comfortable than throwing it all at a non-liquid asset.

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