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Quietly Closing Kate Nesi Photography

Over seven and a half years ago, I started a website and opened up my first business, Kate Nesi Photography. I started out confident in my skills, full of excitement, and open to meeting new people and seeing if I could recoup my investment.

That very first year I invested about $4,500 in camera and computer equipment and vowed to stay open only if I made that money back by the end of the year, 8 months later. I did it in less than six months.

Since then, each year I’ve set goals and reached them time and time again. That felt awesome to be so productive! As I grew from novice photographer and business owner into a professional photographer, editor, and business accountant I started to feel less and less connected to my work. It became about the income and less about the creative process.

Four years into my business, after having my first child, my annual passion projects fizzled down into long questionable winters with many moments of doubt, self-criticism, and fear that I’ve lost any creative energy I had left. I rarely picked up my camera if it wasn’t for a session or wedding. Continue reading…

Photographing Your Child’s Firsts at Digital Photography School

I’m super excited to have written an article for a site that helped me grow tremendously as a photographer: Digital Photography School!

Check it out, it’s all about photographing your child’s firsts. Lots of tips and info to get you started or even help you capture the little ones in your extended family.

Tips for Photographing Your Child and Their Firsts

Let me know what you think and I’d love it if you shared it with anyone who might find it useful 🙂

DIY: Studio Backdrop Stand with PVC Pipes for $20

When I was asked to put together a white background for an indoor winter photo session for my first ever and longest client, I was a bit nervous, but I was going to rise to her request!

I usually shoot newborn portraits indoors, and other portraits outdoors (aside from my own personal shoots). When it comes to backdrops, I’ve used them often with newborns, but easily draping them over furniture to set them up. This was new, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Spend hundreds on a metal kit, sandbags, etc.? I wasn’t sure how often I’d use it, so I didn’t want to go down that route just yet. I do however wish I came across this idea years ago, because it’s totally going to improve my newborn photography setup now.

DIY Backdrop Stand out of PVC Pipes for $20

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5 Reasons a Photographer May Turn Down Your Wedding

The original post appeared on January 21, 2011 before I graciously deleted my blog. I’m re-posting items that I believe others might find useful. This was inspired by the following post from Mark Eric’s blog: From a Photographer’s Perspective, 5 Things That Could Cause a Photographer to Turn Down Your Wedding. Mark’s permission has been granted to borrow items from his post. Thanks Mark!!

Wedding photography is not just a monetary transaction. Personally, it is an investment in a relationship.

I have to say that every bride, and every client, I’ve worked with has been absolutely wonderful. I still keep in touch with many and I am happy to have them return to me for maternity, newborn and family portraits! How awesome is that?!

You may ask, why haven’t you worked with a “bridezilla”?

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