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I’m not a failure despite failing at many things: Week 4 of marathon errr half marathon training

Before I get into my training from last week, here’s a few accomplishments I’ve had over the Thanksgiving weekend.

I completed my baby guy’s crochet animal hats, plus several more for gifts. The Monkey now has his special sock monkey hat!

The Crab has a fun little monster. I hope to eventually find a crab pattern I like and will whip him up a crab hat in the future!

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No New Clothes for a Year: COMPLETE!

On this, the biggest shopping day of the year, I thought I’d update you on my “No New Clothes Buying” experience. The year is complete, as I stopped buying clothing for myself primarily over a year ago this season.

I’ve made it through an entire year not buying any new clothes!

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Gobbler Express Train Run Race Recap

This past weekend I did the Gobbler Express Train Run in Asbury Park, NJ. It’s a fun run where you get on the NJ Transit train in Asbury Park and ride to either Bradley Beach (1 or 2.5 miles), Belmar (4.35 miles), or Spring Lake (6+ miles) to run back to Johnny Mac’s House of Spirits in Asbury Park.

I invited my neighbor and new friend Kate to register for the run a few months back. She was up to try something new and we didn’t have to decide our distance until the day of the race. Continue reading…

An Upper Respiratory Infection: Week 3 of Marathon Training

I got an early start this week, hoping not to make the same mistakes from the week before as I let things go and go and go… and then ended up sick. Despite being diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and double eye infections this week, after a long week prior coughing and not sleeping, I managed to still get in some decent workouts and keep up with my training plan. Two weeks of life being difficult and my body not being healthy, I’m ready to get back into the groove of regular workouts and feeling semi-normal again. Continue reading…

And It All Unravels: Week 2 of Marathon Training

This past week was a doozy in more ways than one. Surprises around every turn, emotional setbacks, and physical discomfort. I managed to get in 3 walks for the week and one run. The plan was three walks and three runs. Plan… busted.

Here’s how it broke down:

  • Monday: 30-minute walk
  • Tuesday: zip
  • Wednesday: zilch
  • Thursday: 30-min walk + 30-min run (best time yet 12:00 pace)
  • Friday: nada
  • Saturday: nope, nuttin’
  • Sunday: 2-mile walk (should’ve been a 3-mile run)

In my defense, I did tile the backsplash in our entire kitchen on Friday and Saturday myself. More to come on that DIY project later.

I anticipated some setbacks in a long training plan but had not expected them to arrive so soon. In a six-month training cycle life will mess with your plans, but I would’ve loved to have made it much farther in before hitting a wall. I guess, in the end, I’m glad it happened now at lower mileage and hope it doesn’t affect my higher mileage in a few months.

As of mid-week last week, I was on a downward spiral. By the time I returned home from an excellent professional workshop on microagressions by LibraryLinkNJ, my throat had seized up, my eyes were teary, and I couldn’t stop coughing. I choose to blame the four-year-old in our presence for sharing an infection that has seemed to affect our entire family in a variety of ways from the eyes to the nose, to the throat, and throughout. Sharing is caring, right?

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