Category: Thankful

Stopping the Tech Takeover

I manage my tech rather well, so well in fact that I find I am often bored and don’t even know what to click on. My habits are still there to swipe, click, read; but I’ve removed all possibility of wasting time.

Thankful Thursday Thinking About What’s Important

Sigh, I’ve been going through a rough time mentally this past year, and this winter has been no relief despite it being warmer than previous winters. The Olympics were little distraction, as I highly prefer the Summer Olympics to the Winter Games, outside of curling and figure skating. Though, I...

Brightening Up a Cold Day

I’m going to brag a moment on this cold winter day. Chris is so great to surprise me at times. In the past, every few years I’d get a random delivery at work. This year, he did not disappoint with sending my favorite flowers on a blustery cold day. He...

#EDCampNJ 2017

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the EDCampNJ unconference. It’s no secret that my husband and I work in education, and he’s very involved in his profession and it’s truly his passion. Educational Technology is what we live and discuss in our household on a daily basis.


Some moments in life are priceless. After a long day that was mentally taxing at work, we ended our evening with an amazing sight for me to see. Monkey has been learning to read and for the first time ever, he read an entire book by himself. He rarely wants...