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Chose To BECAUSE It’s Hard

Have you ever been in traffic and frustrated that someone cut you off? Have you lost your temper on something so trivial before? We’re so fortunate to live in such comfort, moved from place to place with little effort, which often we forget what it’s like to feel real frustration. Our frustrations come from small places, as we are fortunate enough to live with a lot of ease. Continue reading…

My Recent Paint Nite Experience

At the end of the summer, my friend Steph sent me a sale email for the latest craze: Paint Nite (or insert any variety of company who hosts these). We had been hoping to meetup for one of these silly events for the past year.

The nights are normally around $45 for the painting lesson, but this was over 50% off if you purchased the voucher for $20 and use it when you’re ready (within 6 months).

It was a Groupon style deal, of which I’ve never used before. I know I, the Frugal Momster, have never used Groupon, but alas I don’t shop much anymore and we basically just pay bills and buy food. Twenty dollars for a fun night out with a friend is doable. I don’t do it that often, so it doesn’t add up.

I dutifully purchased the Paint Nite voucher and vowed to make a date with Steph, as she’s done one of these before and enjoyed it. Considering I could do it at over half the price, I was definitely interested to try it out. After two months, we finally locked down a date and a painting we both liked. Continue reading…

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m not so sure.

My mom called me a “jack of all trades, master of none” quite often growing up and still does to this day. I used to think it was an awfully bad thing. I grew up wishing to find a calling where I felt like “this is it” and I would finally be able to narrow my focus to one thing. It would be far easier to pick one thing and stick with it forever, right?

What I’ve learned as I’ve grown up, is that it’s been very valuable to have so many interests and pursuits. I’ve worked in careers from medicine to merchandising, to public service, to education, to photography, and to becoming a business owner.

Continue reading…

A week without social media.

This is the first time since I joined social media that I’ve gone completely without any such service for any length of time. It’s only been a week, but already I’ve noticed some changes in my habits and behaviors; some positive and some negative.

The first few days after leaving IG and Twitter, I don’t have FB anymore, I noticed I picked up my iPod on a regular basis checking for notifications hoping to find something there. I was deflated to be reminded that there would be no alerts or messages. It was definitely sad at first, but I chose to keep going on with the challenge. I can to anything for a month.

After a week now, I don’t feel as compelled to return to the worlds of social media; reminding myself of how many people I know who never have joined or interacted there and they are getting on quite nicely. Continue reading…