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What is Enough?

When do you have enough? When is it enough money in the bank? Enough achievements under your belt? Enough to feel secure? What is enough to you may not be enough for someone else or way more than enough depending on who you converse with. Finding the right amount of enough for you may feel tricky or difficult, too.

I recently read John C. Bogle’s book, “Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life.” It came to me through various blogs who have mentioned the title and I figured it would be a good read. Bogle is the founder of Vanguard, and if you’ve hung around frugal or financial freedom/independence blogs you’ll see Vanguard touted everywhere.

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A Quick Trip to D.C. To Meet My Friend Liz!

Imagine being close friends with someone you've never met. That's the story of my friend Liz and I.

We first met online through our workout blogs on an old site called Konamoxt. She was training for a triathlon and I had just completed my first (and only) half marathon. We started commenting to each other on our blogs, and then moved to emailing each other. Eventually, it turned to daily chats on google chats before it became hangouts.
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