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Removing Something for 30 Days

Thirty-day trials are a simple idea to tackle. You choose something for 30 days, whether it’s adding something or subtracting something from your life and at the end of 30 days you can keep going, or give up.

I’ve done them at various times in my life with much success, and much failure. This past year, I’ve focused a little more in on the short-term trials in order to change habits and go in the direction of the person I’d like to become.

Most often 30-day trials suggest adding to your life. Doing yoga daily for 5 minutes for a month, or running each day, or eating healthier. Most of the 30-day trials you come across are there to improve a habit, add something in that’s healthier, and try to motivate you to keep going for your own mental or physical well-being beyond that month. Continue reading…

I Quit Facebook

I did it again. You played with my heart. I got lost in the game.
Opps, I did it again…

Oh, hi there! I’m just singing a song to my favorite social network that I love to hate, Facebook.

Over a month ago, I deactivated my personal profile for the umpteenth time. This time though, I actually stayed off! In the past, I used to deactivate only to be sucked back in within hours of making the decision. I just.couldn’t.let.go. Continue reading…

Let Me Guess, You’re a Photographer, Too?

When I deleted my blog, a lot of great posts went with it. So, I’m re-posting items that I believe others might find useful. This post originally appeared on my blog on November 9, 2010.

The hot topic flying around in the photography biz is how everyone is a photographer.
And you know what, that’s quite alright with me 🙂

Sure, when I started, I thought gosh, yeah, everyone is a photographer, including me! How on earth will I compete? I found myself feeling overwhelmed when I mentioned the word photography to anyone and then they told me they were a photographer too. Say what???? For some time, I even stopped telling people I was a photographer and thought what on earth am I getting myself into?

Continue reading…