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Headed to the Lola Retreat in NYC!

On Friday, I’m headed up to NYC to attend the weekend Lola Retreat!

I believe I came across this financial retreat on Frugalwoods last year, and somewhere along the blogosphere, I put in for a scholarship to attend the retreat next weekend in NYC. It worked out, for once, that something was in my neck of the woods; a short train ride away. Continue reading…

We’re Always on the Move Cycling Around Town

It’s Friday, and who couldn’t be more excited about the weekend ahead of us. It’s supposed to be decent weather, and perfect for more bike rides.

Last weekend, before the triathlon race, we rode our bikes down to the beach. I dropped off the boys at a playground with Daddy, and continued further down the boardwalk to pickup my race packet and returned to meetup with them.

Riding bikes as a family has been one of my happiest moments. I love when we’re on the go, together, and getting fresh air. I love the area we live in, where we can hop on our bikes (or I can run) right down to the beach, the boardwalk, or go out to eat. It’s so nice to live in a somewhat bikeable area.

Continue reading…

August 2017 Frugal Mom$ter Expense Report: Slow Progress

August was another rather spendy month for us. I’m not happy with what we spent, while $2,000 less than July, it was still a bit of a stinger when I looked at the final numbers. Luckily, once we’re back to work all week long there will be less time to spend at the store and more routine spending in our budget. Our September budget is already looking positive and less than last year’s expenses by a few hundred dollars.

How are we going to spend less?

One huge way we’ll be saving money is that I canceled all of our credit cards except the one we started with and the one store card that gives us 5% back every trip. Credit card hacking was not for me. While we never paid interest, it was too easy to spend more on things we didn’t need in order to reach reward goals. Continue reading…