"A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None, but oftentimes better than a Master of One."

Recreating Restaurant Meals and Saving Big

While everyone is out shopping, I’m tallying up the prices on recreating restaurant meals at home. Yes, I live this lifestyle now and I kind of love it. Black Friday has changed so much for us since we’ve taken on the “frugal” title. I’ll get into that more soon!

It’s no surprise around here we like to enjoy good food. What I don’t enjoy is the bill that goes with many new trendy foods or going out to eat. As we’ve flexed our Frugal muscles, I’ve gotten better at cooking in the last decade, too.

When we consume a meal out, I savor it and start to figure out how to recreate it at home. Now being gluten and egg free due to intolerance, that has become even more important as many of the foods I enjoyed before are off limits.

This summer we went to a place nearby that is called Playa Bowls. They specialize in fruit and vegetable smoothies and smoothie bowls which are all the rage these days. I’ve only been there twice, but I definitely wanted to try to remake what they sell at home for less.

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#EDCampNJ 2017

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the EDCampNJ unconference. It’s no secret that my husband and I work in education, and he’s very involved in his profession and it’s truly his passion. Educational Technology is what we live and discuss in our household on a daily basis. Continue reading…

How Open Should You Be With Your Children About Finances? Guest Post on Mr. 1500!

I’m super excited that I have a Guest Post featured on Mr. 1500’s blog today. Go check it out!

I discovered Carl’s blog a few years back not too long after he started it to share his goal to reach early retirement 1,500 days in the future. Well, he’s now reached it, and early at that! He’s an inspiration and his writing is witty and fun, especially when Mrs. 1500 chimes in. Take a look at my post, and then peek around and see what other fun gems you discover. I bet you’ll find lots of toy dinosaurs…

Friday Run Fun

It was chilly this morning and quite windy, but I made it outside for a run.

Super quick and easy 30 minutes and did about 2.2 mi. I have a trail race coming up Sunday morning, so that’ll be it until then. Continue reading…