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An Upper Respiratory Infection: Week 3 of Marathon Training

I got an early start this week, hoping not to make the same mistakes from the week before as I let things go and go and go… and then ended up sick. Despite being diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and double eye infections this week, after a long week prior coughing and not sleeping, I managed to still get in some decent workouts and keep up with my training plan. Two weeks of life being difficult and my body not being healthy, I’m ready to get back into the groove of regular workouts and feeling semi-normal again. Continue reading…

DIY How to Do Your Own Oil Change

Last spring, I purchased a newer vehicle to our family, the Toyota RAV4. With our previous new car purchases, we received free oil changes for the ownership of the car. Since this was a used purchase, this wasn’t an offer and I was happy about that.

Every time we’d take our cars to the dealer for an oil change it meant over an hour of waiting and constant pushes for additional services we either didn’t need or could do ourselves. Usually, if I couldn’t get Chris to take it for me, I’d say, “Oh, thanks for the reminder, I’ll head over to parts and pick up what I need.” Much to the gentleman’s shrug at a woman going to buy parts and maintaining her car herself. Most of the maintenance on any vehicle is easy to do yourself and costs far less in time and money. Continue reading…

And It All Unravels: Week 2 of Marathon Training

This past week was a doozy in more ways than one. Surprises around every turn, emotional setbacks, and physical discomfort. I managed to get in 3 walks for the week and one run. The plan was three walks and three runs. Plan… busted.

Here’s how it broke down:

  • Monday: 30-minute walk
  • Tuesday: zip
  • Wednesday: zilch
  • Thursday: 30-min walk + 30-min run (best time yet 12:00 pace)
  • Friday: nada
  • Saturday: nope, nuttin’
  • Sunday: 2-mile walk (should’ve been a 3-mile run)

In my defense, I did tile the backsplash in our entire kitchen on Friday and Saturday myself. More to come on that DIY project later.

I anticipated some setbacks in a long training plan but had not expected them to arrive so soon. In a six-month training cycle life will mess with your plans, but I would’ve loved to have made it much farther in before hitting a wall. I guess, in the end, I’m glad it happened now at lower mileage and hope it doesn’t affect my higher mileage in a few months.

As of mid-week last week, I was on a downward spiral. By the time I returned home from an excellent professional workshop on microagressions by LibraryLinkNJ, my throat had seized up, my eyes were teary, and I couldn’t stop coughing. I choose to blame the four-year-old in our presence for sharing an infection that has seemed to affect our entire family in a variety of ways from the eyes to the nose, to the throat, and throughout. Sharing is caring, right?

Continue reading…

What does all this data mean?

Last January, I purchased Jawbone UP devices on sale for Chris and I. He chose to wear his as a wristband. I chose to stick with the clip that it came with.

They each cost $25, and we had a $50 credit to Amazon. We were excited to try out the latest craze at a relatively low-cost (free for us) and see if it made a difference in our fitness levels.

The first few months we wore the devices, we challenged each other to step totals. We would do week long challenges which encouraged me to walk more during the day. Our goals were 10,000 steps per day. Most days, Chris would make the total, and I averaged around 7-8,000 steps for a good day.

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Enjoy Nature for Free: Week 1 of Marathon Training

One of the best things I’ve enjoyed about running is that it’s a relatively low-cost activity. You need only a decent pair of sneakers (and maybe not even those). I find a lot of new runners just start out with what they already own which is perfect.

When I first started running back in 2002, I ran in a low-cost pair of sneakers, cotton t-shirts and soccer shorts I had owned. Now, I realize the use of well-designed shoes (or lack thereof during my absolutely barefoot running years) and polyester clothing that makes a world of difference.

Over time one might want to invest $100+ into a good pair of shoes, or a little more into fitted or moisture wicking workout gear, but how much you spend is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way in the sport of running. No additional gear needed. Continue reading…