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What’s SUP? I’m out Running.

One of many focuses this summer has been getting back to running. I finally am starting to feel like myself again since I’ve been back to running regularly. Giving myself grace to get back into shape without any races or major goals on the calendar has proven positive. I have a few ideas lurking, as always, but I’m taking it one run at a time.
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The Great Suburban Farm Experiment: Planting over 100 plants around my backyard

Recently, Chris built me two raised planting beds, but it just didn’t feel like enough.

After we had our fence finally put in, I took a trip with Monkey to pickup just a few hostas. We went to a semi-local farm everyone raves about and I had never been to.

If you know Monkey, he talks constantly and it can be distracting to try to formulate a shopping plan. This trip was no less exciting.
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You’re Still Talking About Being Debt-Free by 40?

It’s quite possible that I spend far too much time focusing on debt-freedom and planning out the next few years financially then I should. Or, it’s quite possible that my forecasting and planning has helped us reach this debt-freedom-minus-the-mortgage in a shorter time than I would have had I ignored it over six years ago and kept shopping at Target on Friday nights as usual. Continue reading…