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Monkey and I chat after my runs through the window.

My mind thinks I’m a runner…

…but my body has other thoughts.

I was running rather well for about 6 weeks before I came down with a cold 3 weeks ago and have since slacked off. Between leaving social media, where I felt motivated and shared a TON of my workouts, to winning that head cold lottery, I haven’t fully regained my composure to get back out there running regularly, until now.

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My favorite new blender: Vitamix

Just call me the Spendy Mom$ter!

Being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap, it means you focus your spending on areas that are most important to you and leave aside other areas that aren’t so important. For me, over time, frugality has meant focusing on quality and lasting items vs. sales and clearance.

I know from experience! I used to be cheap and all about the lowest price or the sale and clearance prices. The more I became frugal, the more I looked into my purchases, did my research and found the best item for our budget and took a closer look at the quality of the items I buy. Continue reading…

No New Clothes: September Edition

It’s been 10 months since I started the Year of No New Clothes inspired by Mrs. Frugalwoods. Let’s see how far I’ve come…

I didn’t purchase any new clothing items for myself, nor the family, but there’s a little more to the month’s story than that.

While we were in the city for our anniversary, I was rather nervous the theater was going to be chilly. Chris told me ahead of time not to bring a sweater, but I was antsy as I dislike being cold for any amount of time. The thought of 2 hours in a cold theater frightened me. So, I decided on the way up to the theater (we walked 20ish blocks, it was free!) to stop at H&M to buy a low-cost sweater for $14.99. Continue reading…

September 2016 Frugal Momster Expense Report

Each month I’d like to share our expense report to keep us on track to reach our financial goals. This summer we spent quite a bit more than I had planned and I’d like to focus back in on savings toward early retirement/financial independence (FI).

I’ve posted before about paying off our mortgage in the process of reaching our FI goal. I’ve gone back and forth with how that may specifically happen, so, for now, our choice has been to save up the additional funds to pay off the mortgage and decide in a few years when we reach that goal how we want to handle it. In the meantime, I am paying a little extra monthly to the mortgage because I like even numbers.

While we work off of a general zero-based budget, it’s more of a guide and we just simply track our expenses and save about 48% of our income. My goal is to get up to saving around 60% of our income.

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m not so sure.

My mom called me a “jack of all trades, master of none” quite often growing up and still does to this day. I used to think it was an awfully bad thing. I grew up wishing to find a calling where I felt like “this is it” and I would finally be able to narrow my focus to one thing. It would be far easier to pick one thing and stick with it forever, right?

What I’ve learned as I’ve grown up, is that it’s been very valuable to have so many interests and pursuits. I’ve worked in careers from medicine to merchandising, to public service, to education, to photography, and to becoming a business owner.

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