Jack of All Trades. Master of Many.

Quietly Closing Kate Nesi Photography

Over seven and a half years ago, I started a website and opened up my first business, Kate Nesi Photography. I started out confident in my skills, full of excitement, and open to meeting new people and seeing if I could recoup my investment.

That very first year I invested about $4,500 in camera and computer equipment and vowed to stay open only if I made that money back by the end of the year, 8 months later. I did it in less than six months.

Since then, each year I’ve set goals and reached them time and time again. That felt awesome to be so productive! As I grew from novice photographer and business owner into a professional photographer, editor, and business accountant I started to feel less and less connected to my work. It became about the income and less about the creative process.

Four years into my business, after having my first child, my annual passion projects fizzled down into long questionable winters with many moments of doubt, self-criticism, and fear that I’ve lost any creative energy I had left. I rarely picked up my camera if it wasn’t for a session or wedding. Continue reading…

The Effect of 30 Days Without Social Media

Over thirty days now since I decided to walk away from social media entirely; mainly disabling my Instagram (IG) account and locking up my Twitter account. Those were the only spaces I engaged on social media since I deactivated Facebook (FB) over five years ago, and after I deactivated my FB business page this summer.

The Theory

I expected the first several days to be uncomfortable, as most 30 day challenges begin with discomfort while you align with the change. I was correct in feeling disconnected, anxious about loss, and unsure if I wanted to keep going. I decided it was only for 30 days, and like most things, we can go through them if we know there is an end within reach.

Now that the month-long experiment has ended I’ve noticed some changes in my behavior and how I feel about myself compared to before this change. I’ve also made a surprising decision.

Continue reading…

Does Cycling to the Food Store Save Money?

One of the reasons we chose where we live is the proximity to local activities within biking or walking distance.

This past summer, Chris and I ended up replacing our bikes. I bought a new bike in June when my old bike of 8 years fell apart and Chris ended up with a new bike in September due to his bike ending up beyond repair.

With two new fancy spangled bikes in our garage, we’ve had to make good use of them. And we’re happy to because they are far more comfortable and well designed with gears compared to my former beach cruiser and his department store bike. Continue reading…

My Recent Paint Nite Experience

At the end of the summer, my friend Steph sent me a sale email for the latest craze: Paint Nite (or insert any variety of company who hosts these). We had been hoping to meetup for one of these silly events for the past year.

The nights are normally around $45 for the painting lesson, but this was over 50% off if you purchased the voucher for $20 and use it when you’re ready (within 6 months).

It was a Groupon style deal, of which I’ve never used before. I know I, the Frugal Momster, have never used Groupon, but alas I don’t shop much anymore and we basically just pay bills and buy food. Twenty dollars for a fun night out with a friend is doable. I don’t do it that often, so it doesn’t add up.

I dutifully purchased the Paint Nite voucher and vowed to make a date with Steph, as she’s done one of these before and enjoyed it. Considering I could do it at over half the price, I was definitely interested to try it out. After two months, we finally locked down a date and a painting we both liked. Continue reading…