"A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None, but oftentimes better than a Master of One."

March 2017 Frugal Momster Expense Report Plus Teaching Monkey About Shopping

When I start to explain finances, Crab ducks for cover.

Crab hiding under the couch.

Luckily, Monkey is interested in learning more about personal finance, mainly the shopping part. We took ourselves to the food store mid-week one week to pick up items to make his favorite soup, Mac n’ Cheese Soup from the One Pot Chef. He wrote the list himself, go Monkey!

We make this weekly, I now know the recipe by heart. I often sneak in some vegetables when I can. It’s not healthy… but we do love chickpea pasta! Continue reading…

Once Upon a Time I was a Runner

I remember it fondly. I used to go out for runs in peace and quiet. Listen to podcasts and feel accomplished. Then something changed. I followed the elimination diet, I felt so much better, and I no longer felt motivated to run to feel better. I already felt better without all the hard work of running. Though, the elimination diet was a different kind of hard work.

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