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Welcome to the new Vacuum Show!

If you know our family at all, you know our son Monkey is a huge fan of vacuums! He absolutely loves to take them apart, put them together, and even received a new shop vac for Christmas. He has been asking to do a video on YouTube about vacuums, so we started with one this week! He learns so much from others, so maybe he’ll inspire another vacuum enthusiast as well. Enjoy!

3 Reasons We’re Not Taking a Foreign Vacation This Summer

Our ten year wedding anniversary is coming up in September. Isn’t that amazing and wild! We had toyed around with the idea of going to a far off place or doing something expensive to celebrate. Zip lining in Costa Rica or food tours in Spain. For three reasons, we’re skipping on a major vacation this summer to celebrate our whopping 10th anniversary and doing something different instead. Continue reading…