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Where’d My Running Shoes Go?

Oh, there they are! I stopped running regularly after my big half marathon weekend. It wasn’t exactly due to lack of desire, but as the time changed a few weeks later it started to get dark way too early for me to head out on the days Chris was home....

#EDCampNJ 2017

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the EDCampNJ unconference. It’s no secret that my husband and I work in education, and he’s very involved in his profession and it’s truly his passion. Educational Technology is what we live and discuss in our household on a daily basis.

Friday Run Fun

It was chilly this morning and quite windy, but I made it outside for a run. Super quick and easy 30 minutes and did about 2.2 mi. I have a trail race coming up Sunday morning, so that’ll be it until then.

Jeff Galloway’s Run Walk Run – LLP007

Run Walk Run has rekindled my passion for running (and walking)! I recently attended one of Jeff Galloway’s Running Schools. This is what I’ve learned from the past year of running, changing to the run-walk-run program and also how much I learned from meeting Jeff and learning more how to...