"A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None, but oftentimes better than a Master of One."

7 Days of Crochet: Octopus Hat

The beginning of my crocheting journey wasn’t pretty. My first attempt at a scarf…

Last January, I finally learned how to crochet.

My Mom was always one who I admired for her crocheting and knitting skills. She could whip up a baby blanket in one afternoon with a pattern from her head. Or she’d watch a football game and work on her creations without looking down.

Always fascinated, I could never seem to learn from her left-handed attempts at teaching me. This time last year, I was talking with a colleague who was an avid crocheter. She offered to show me, even though left-handed as well. After her short lesson in January, I took to YouTube and started talking to my mom and other crocheters I work with; learning where they find free patterns online.

My first ever baby blanket!

My Mom lent me a J crochet hook and a ball of white yarn. I made horrible creation upon creation until I started to get the hang of it.

I began making hats, and scarves, and anything else I saw that looked interesting. My favorite was a soft cuddly nautical baby blanket I gave away as a gift and a comfy, colorful winter hat for myself.

In July, for my birthday, I had asked Chris for a few crocheting books I found interesting. Two were animal hat pattern books for children and adults, and one was a bootie/slipper pattern book for newborns and infants.

Cut to this fall, and I decided to tackle a major project that would test my time management, my skill, and my ability to learn entirely new patterns. After all is said and done, I made seven hats! It wasn’t easy, but the result is so beautiful and fun! I hope my nieces and nephews love them for years to come!

This first hat was created for my niece Julia who just has such a huge fun personality in a small package.

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When something stops working, do you replace it immediately?

This week was a good reminder not to rush out and buy a new item to replace something that doesn’t appear to work. Oftentimes, when an item stops working I write it down on a list to pick-up next time I’m at the store or research purchasing a replacement if it’s a larger ticketed item. Though, after I’ve purchased the new item, there have been times I’ve found the old item wasn’t broken, but it just malfunctioned.

We had two such incidents recently.

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Living Without Social Media and What I’ve Learned

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and I have a love-hate relationship. Over 5 years ago, I quit Facebook. For several years, I kept up a Facebook Fan Page for my local business, but this past summer I deleted it.

I found leaving social media didn’t affect readers, nor those who reached out for local business. Actually, most of my new clients did not find me via social media, but through sites like Yelp or Yahoo Local, and primarily word-of-mouth.

This fall, I experimented living without Instagram and Twitter. What started out as a 30-day experiment went on for over 60 days. I returned two weeks ago, unsure if I wanted back in. I gave it my all for a few days, live ‘gramming my Santa Run, and sharing fun days. I tried to live as an article Chris sent me had suggested: documenting life instead of being concerned about creating.

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2016 Asbury Park Santa Run Race Recap

This morning I ran the first ever Asbury Park Santa 5k Run. It was a sweltering 25 degrees outside, and you know how much I just love cold weather. I don’t mind it if I’m running, but I despise it otherwise. Give me 70 degrees every day of the year. Why do I live in New Jersey again? I hear San Diego is nice, they’ve even got a nice zoo.

I hadn’t heard of the race before about 2-3 weeks ago. So go me for saying, “Heck yeah I’ll run a race in the cold in a Santa suit in a few weeks.” I usually like to plan out my races further in advance, because I believe I’m a real runner who needs to train for these things.

Who am I kidding? Ha. Real. Runner. I didn’t even hydrate before hand, so take that preparation. I was thirsty on the run…

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