"A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None, but oftentimes better than a Master of One."

5 Awesome Things About a Home Treadmill

I’m so glad I decided to get a treadmill instead of another couch, as its proven it’s worth in this excessive heat wave we are having. I have no excuse not to run and I’ve been journaling my journey over on Instagram: @kate_nesi if you’re interested in following along.

Last week, I was really really really tired. Not like my mind needed rest or eyes wanted to close, but my body didn’t have an ounce of energy in it. I did get my blood work results back and found something that maybe be a large cause of my fatigue and how I’ve been feeling, other than my energetic little ones.

I need to eat a much better diet and continue taking my supplements, possibly adding a bit more vitamin D to the mix. I’m using MyFitnessPal to track my macros and a few nutrients, as well as to keep tabs on eating less. I definitely don’t want to take the road that has been presented to me, but luckily it can be managed and changed by a healthier diet and exercise routine.

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Homemade PlayDoh

We’ve not had a lot of time in the kitchen despite being home all day. I fit in spurts here and there when the kiddos seem to be calm. Otherwise, the day is filled with meals, playtime, nap times, and repeat. That Crab is getting so big and energetic he’s wearing us all out!

We did however, get a chance to try out homemade playdoh. I never would’ve thought this is something I’d be cooking up in the kitchen a decade ago!

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Renovating Our Office Space

We’ve been a little busy around here this summer renovating our fourth bedroom into an office. We worked hard to get our outdoor projects done the first week we were on break, and now that most of the outdoor projects, sans a large garden area, are done Mr. FM is working feverishly to get our office space up and running.

I feel some days like I’m just splashing cash all over the place!

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When DIY Doesn’t Work Out: Composting Edition

Sometimes a DIY project doesn’t entirely work out. In those cases, I am willing to spend a little extra to get the job done in a better way if needed. Most recently, my DIY open air compost idea didn’t turn out as planned. I didn’t have the time to turn the compost as you’re supposed to, and over a few weeks, it went to seed with tons of weeds growing through.


Unsure what that meant, I let it go, and then decided to read up on it as these giant beings began to take over. When compost goes to seed and you get weeds like this, unfortunately, the compost is unusable (or it can create more weeds in the garden you eventually put it in). Those weeds are sucking up the good nutrients, leaving little behind. In addition, an open air compost can take up to 12 months to fully decompose. Woozers! DIY #fail.

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No New Clothes Update: June

I did it, after 7 months without purchasing one clothing or accessory item, I splurged. I spent $15 on a pair of sandals.

I have 3 pairs of sandals, but none are made all plastic with a standard slip-on (which won’t get funky over time). One pair is leather with suede, which hasn’t worked out well in the garden, whoops. The other 2 pair are a strange design for barefoot walking, which I love, but aren’t ideal for use in wet conditions as they become extremely slippery!

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