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Friday Run Fun

It was chilly this morning and quite windy, but I made it outside for a run. Super quick and easy 30 minutes and did about 2.2 mi. I have a trail race coming up Sunday morning, so that’ll be it until then.

Jeff Galloway’s Run Walk Run – LLP007

Run Walk Run has rekindled my passion for running (and walking)! I recently attended one of Jeff Galloway’s Running Schools. This is what I’ve learned from the past year of running, changing to the run-walk-run program and also how much I learned from meeting Jeff and learning more how to...


Some moments in life are priceless. After a long day that was mentally taxing at work, we ended our evening with an amazing sight for me to see. Monkey has been learning to read and for the first time ever, he read an entire book by himself. He rarely wants...