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How to Monitor Your Own Credit For Free

There are three major credit reporting agencies (Equinox, Experian, and TransUnion) that track your use of credit and record your credit history. They also calculate your FICO scores which companies use when you’re planning to finance a home, car, or secure another loan. The FICO comes into play mainly when you are looking to borrow money or lease something, too.

It’s important to keep track of the records and make sure that everything is correct on these reports as they can have a major effect on your financial options. How does one do this without spending money to monitor? Continue reading…

"I can do it Mom, let me twist it tighter." Monkey helping me setup our new compost.

10 Ideas to Encourage Healthy Activity in Children

Each morning I am fortunate enough to pick Monkey up and take him to school. We park about two blocks from the school. This forces us to get a few minutes of a walk or quick jog together, talk about the day and gives me extra exercise on the walk back to the car.

Continue reading…

Welcome to the new Vacuum Show!

If you know our family at all, you know our son Monkey is a huge fan of vacuums! He absolutely loves to take them apart, put them together, and even received a new shop vac for Christmas. He has been asking to do a video on YouTube about vacuums, so we started with one this week! He learns so much from others, so maybe he’ll inspire another vacuum enthusiast as well. Enjoy!