Welcome Jeter!

Over a week ago, we adopted a new pup to our family and named him Jeter!

How handsome is this guy?

Chris is responsible for his name. I am responsible for finding this awesome little guy at the shelter.

Jeter loves to fetch and has learned to bring it back!

I had been thinking about adopting a second dog for almost a year now. Chris was against it, but I felt it would be best for Ruby and our family. It turns out, as usual, I was right. The kids have taken to him so well, even Monkey who normally does not interact with Ruby much.

Ruby was in her glory running around!

It was hard to make the decision to adopt a second dog financially, but with small dogs it isn’t as expensive as larger ones. Jeter doesn’t eat more than Ruby. Though, I have spent quite a bit in the last two weeks on doggie toys and snacks, that’ll slow significantly soon.

Look at Ruby go!

Jeter is a chihuahua-terrier Sato dog from Puerto Rico. A puppy who lived on the streets! He is street smart, full of energy, and loves the outdoors. I’ve never seen Ruby happier to have a playmate after the first few days.

In the years to come, these two will be quite the pair together. Jeter needs more training, but he’s been awesome with potty training. He’s a quick learner like Ruby for commands like sit, stay, and down already, too.

So, welcome Jeter to our frugal family!

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